Ratatouille 2.0

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My second time making ratatouille. Fortunately this time it only took a little over an hour, whereas the first time seemed to take half the day. Also, mandolins are scary as shit. I stop slicing about three inches up, like that’s enough eggplant because I will go no closer to that blade. 



Coffee pecan financiers made in a muffin pan, since it’s apparently difficult to find a financier pan. Decently easy to make. Uses a lot of eggs. They’re quite fluffy. Though they did remind me of muffins, but I’m wondering if that’s because of the shape. Lovely little things. The picture below is with coffee pecan whipped cream. Three shots of espresso and it’s basically the whipped cream version of a latte. The stuff is like crack it’s so addicting.


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Had a little too much fun and the farmer’s market and whole foods. Also, this is my first time ever cooking or eating scallops. I was pleasantly surprised.

From my new cookbook, Nopi. Tomato salad with herbed wasabi mascarpone with pine nuts and pickled shallots. Scallops with sorrel sauce, corn salsa, and sumac cream, and lamb sausage. Super yummy and sounds a lot more intense than is. Mostly just a lot of chopping and mixing. Not much actual cooking.

Summertime food grabs


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Walked over to the White House today after work. I thought there might be protestors there. I wanted to join in a protest, but I’m too passive to actually pull it off. Well, I got to the White House waited for a bit and left to get a hamburger. Of course the protestors came after I left.

But I did see this violinist playing his heart out. He was quite good. So the evening wasn’t a total loss.

Walking Tour: Random Statue

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I’ve lived here in Alexandria for about a year and half now. There’s pretty much no excuse for the fact that we have done very little of the tourist activities. We haven’t done a ghost tour, a historical tour, a brewery tour, or pretty much any tour. We went to Mount Vernon once last January and stared at George Washington’s toilet.

On my last day of vacation after our trip to New Hampshire, I did the tourist thing and did a self-guided walking tour around Alexandria.

This is one of the first things I saw on my tour. This particular statue I have seen several times. It is right in the middle of an intersection, which is terrifying if you’re driving along in the middle lane and don’t notice the giant X in your lane, which apparently means get over now or become statue food.

I have always assumed it was a statue of George Washington. Mostly because this is George Washington’s town. This is where he lived, sold his produce at the market that’s still running, ate at a local pub, and just generally hung around. All this time I never bothered to take a closer look at the statue other than my disgruntled glances for it occupying an entire lane.

Well, apparently it is not George Washington. It’s a representation of Confederate soldiers, which perhaps unsurprisingly doesn’t help my angst of this statue. See below plaque for the explanation.


Chicken meatballs

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Recipe #3: chicken meatballs in a tomato sauce. They have a different name… But they’re meatballs.

Also, once again amazing. We had to do three recipes to make the findings of awesome statistically significant. Zahav for the win. 

If you don’t have this recipe book, you need to get it. The next one is hummus! Just the standard hummus recipe, but I have high expectations.