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Had a little too much fun and the farmer’s market and whole foods. Also, this is my first time ever cooking or eating scallops. I was pleasantly surprised.

From my new cookbook, Nopi. Tomato salad with herbed wasabi mascarpone with pine nuts and pickled shallots. Scallops with sorrel sauce, corn salsa, and sumac cream, and lamb sausage. Super yummy and sounds a lot more intense than is. Mostly just a lot of chopping and mixing. Not much actual cooking.

Summertime food grabs



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-New food & wine magazine is here. Guess what we’re making this weekend?! Lamb Biryani! We have all. The ingredients for it! Minus the lamb and the saffron. It also takes like two days to make.

This sounds like a poorly thought out plan. I’m food adventurous. I try to make new foods all the time. I made butter chicken a couple of weeks ago. It was horrible. Like seriously. This is the problem with recipes you find on Tastespotting. Though it is probably my own fault. My slow cooker is too small and I winced at the though of six cups of heavy cream and subbed almond milk instead. This was doomed from the start. 
Yerp… And I mean yerp. 

Well today we hopped on the metro and headed out toward Eastern Market, which is kind of like a farmers market and a flea market combined. It’s pretty awesome. They have all kinds of fresh local grown vegetables, cheeses from the Amish, jewelry, scarves, artisanal products, artists, and food booths. Pretty much everything that makes life perfect. 

On the way, we stopped at Sugar Shack. Probably the best donuts in town and maybe the country, and by extension the universe. I am not kidding. This place is amazing. Today I ended up with a Boston creme and maple bacon.


Delicious. I also think I may have gained four pounds today.

Anyway, while at Eastern Market we come across this Moroccan spice/tea booth, where of course I bought two bags of tea. But also they had a large sachets of saffron. Like usually saffron is $14 at Harris Teeter for a small vial with four or five threads in it. This was like seven times that amount for $10, plus he gave us a pamphlet of recipes that actually look amazing. So maybe we should try the biryani after all.

Also, seen while walking around near the donut shop. This gorgeous tree. Alexandria is just amazing.