Ratatouille 2.0

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My second time making ratatouille. Fortunately this time it only took a little over an hour, whereas the first time seemed to take half the day. Also, mandolins are scary as shit. I stop slicing about three inches up, like that’s enough eggplant because I will go no closer to that blade. 


Buckwheat crepes

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My coworker yesterday was like “I bet he was a creep.” I heard crepe, which didn’t make sense in the context. I was so hungry. 

Hours later I needed buckwheat crepes with prosciutto, emmentaler, and sunny side eggs. 

I should eventually learn to take pictures before I take a bite out of it.

Boeuf Bourguignon

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I’ve had Mastering the Art of French Cooking for approximately two and a half years… Maybe closer to three. I have never made anything out of it. I’ve barely even looked inside it. This seems like a cardinal sin. But the book scares me. The recipes are long, they take hours to make, and they all have French names (of course). It is utterly terrifying.

Last week I saw the book sitting on the bookcase next to the book I was actually looking for, and thought maybe I should actually try something out of it this week. I’ll be brave this once. Then, Whole Foods had roast on sale. I don’t really buy meat, so I don’t know what it was. But it was on sale and it seemed good. So hey, looks like I’m making Boeuf Bourguignon tonight.

I started at 5:00. It is now 10:30 and it looks like I have another one hour to go. I am the slowest cook on the planet. My dog and husband have both abandoned me and gone to bed.

Not to mention, I feel like Julia Child is watching me and judging me for every mistake I make. Every step of the way. So I accidentally used twice as much butter to sautĂ© the mushrooms… And then ate half of them before the meat was finished cooking. I don’t own the right casserole dish, so I’m using two different pans. And… I don’t know what a bacon rind is.

Oi. C’est la vie… Maybe?