Ratatouille 2.0

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My second time making ratatouille. Fortunately this time it only took a little over an hour, whereas the first time seemed to take half the day. Also, mandolins are scary as shit. I stop slicing about three inches up, like that’s enough eggplant because I will go no closer to that blade. 


Brussels Sprouts with apples and mustard 


Love. But we almost never make them. I have no idea why.

Maybe they are under valued.

Maybe for some reason they are always in a tiny bag at the end of the vegetable aisle blending in to the background. They’re and understated vegetable, and yet one of the most hated. But do they have to be?

We were having steak tonight and needed a vegetable pairing and randomly chose Brussels sprouts.

Here we had a one pound bag sliced in halves and roasted in the oven.

1 Tbs apple cider vinegar

3 Tbs stone ground mustard

1 chopped red apple



Bag of Brussels sprouts, sliced in half

I mixed all of the ingredients in a bowl until the Brussels sprouts were evenly coated. Then roasted them in the oven until tender. Not super sure on the timing since I was eyeing it. Also, I would recommend adding some chopped crispy bacon, but that would be too much with the steak.