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Had a little too much fun and the farmer’s market and whole foods. Also, this is my first time ever cooking or eating scallops. I was pleasantly surprised.

From my new cookbook, Nopi. Tomato salad with herbed wasabi mascarpone with pine nuts and pickled shallots. Scallops with sorrel sauce, corn salsa, and sumac cream, and lamb sausage. Super yummy and sounds a lot more intense than is. Mostly just a lot of chopping and mixing. Not much actual cooking.

Summertime food grabs


Buckwheat crepes

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My coworker yesterday was like “I bet he was a creep.” I heard crepe, which didn’t make sense in the context. I was so hungry. 

Hours later I needed buckwheat crepes with prosciutto, emmentaler, and sunny side eggs. 

I should eventually learn to take pictures before I take a bite out of it.